Heldom ’s music is inspired by the Nordic Viking history and has induced strength and positivity in thousands of listeners around the world with a blend of his imagination and creativity. 


Janus Pedersen was born in Denmark, Copenhagen in December 1986. His first album “Myrkr” was released in January 2020 under the Heldom project and since then he has established himself as a household name.

A music fan from the start, Heldom became obsessed with drumming when his father gifted him a set of drums in his young years. 

With experience and perspective that only time and miles can bring, Heldom ventures to bring an authentic and deep mix of Folk, Dark Inspired Viking Music, using real Viking instruments. 

On a notable note, his stage name Heldom comes from the combination of old Norse Mythology and Danish, where “Hel” is the most commonplace in the underworld where the immoralist dead dwell and “Dom” is Danish which means judge or judgment, its all about motivating people to become upright noble. 


Born and raised in Denmark, Copenhagen, but routing his racket across the globe, Heldom is from a league of his own.

Exposed to music at a very young age, his musicology obsession did not end here, later he learned to play the flute, guitar, and many different instruments, which diversified to his talent in Electronic Music and showed a talent for an array of heavy-hitting, bass nourished beats within his inventory. 

Impacted by disease, Heldom had turbulent adolescent years which largely affected his anger. Janus did not let this trouble him but made use of the adversity as a strength to take up the Viking ways and let his energy flow into his music and in turn, went on to motivate himself and thousands of others through his music.  


Even in the midst of the turmoil, the young man displayed a natural talent for artistic pursuits. Janus Pedersen exclusively founded Heldom in 2019 with the vision of creating dark atmospheric music inspired by Viking tunes using Electronic Music software combined with authentic Nordic instruments. 

His album “Myrkr” marked his folk music debut and formally launched his career. Although Janus is beginning to experience success as a music producer, he desires to create music that has an aggressive dark atmospheric and shamanic sound that helps people get through the hurdles of their lives. 

Artistic Values

Janus Pedersen believes that music speaks for itself and in music’s ability to express the passion and strength within oneself as his personal life has come to reflect his spiritual personality, Scandinavian nature, and Nordic mythology. 

With each instrument Vikings played and the voices, they sang with, opening with an eerily plain little tune on the medieval bone recorder and progressing through staunch ritual numbers for lyres and frame drums to lush polyphonic hymns in praise of early Scandinavian saints.  

Artists like Janus Pedersen outshine the music industry to remind everyone of the allure of social challenges and enthusiasm. He strongly believes that music moves people into a positive position in life, and for the love of the old Nordic Gods and culture, music makes it all the worth to give someone happiness and that is the greatest medicine.